BCC - School of Foundations in Biblical Studies

The School of Foundations in Biblical Studies (BCC) is a course at the College of Christian Ministries at the University of the Nations. There are two methods of biblical studies: The deductive, which starts with generalizations and looks for texts to support them; and the inductive, which observes the passage in its text and historical context.

The objective of BCC is to lead the student to obtain full knowledge of the Bible through the inductive method that includes observing the Scriptures directly in their context. Only through the Bible does the student learn to emerge in the word for himself. And thus obtaining a good observation of the text in its entirety. With this form of reading we will obtain the three pillars of the school which are: observation, interpretation and personal application.

BCC is not just about understanding the Bible, but also seeking God's character as the basis for all areas of our lives. Observing Jesus as the Way, the Truth and the Life for all human knowledge.