ETED – Escola de Treinamento e Discipulado

DTS is a YWAM ministry that aims to prepare young people who want to grow in the knowledge of the Lord and better equip themselves to participate in fulfilling Jesus' Great Commission, preaching the gospel and making disciples in all nations.

It is an intensive training course at the University of the Nations immersed in a missionary context. It prepares you for ministry and life in any area, inside or outside the Church, with an emphasis on personal discipleship.

DTS is designed to encourage students in personal character development; cultivating a loving relationship with God, and identifying your individual gifts and calling.

Cross-cultural exposure and a global awareness are special emphasis on the course; preparing students to reach current and future generations and respond to the call of “Go into all the world” (MC 16:15), and “make disciples of all nations”.




More About the School

DTS is a course that offers people the opportunity to have their character and personality strengthened, to know God's purpose for their lives. The main emphasis of the course is to know God in greater depth, and to provide the student with favorable circumstances to mature his relationship with the Lord, and with the people around him, and thus, make God known.

Lecture Phase

In the morning you will have time alone with God, and soon after, moments of class. During the afternoons, depending on the day of the week, you will participate in base maintenance, or technical maintenance, theater rehearsals, focus classes, group studies, discipleship, intercession, among other things. In addition to living in community, with services, moments of praise and worship, etc.


During the two practical months, students are sent as a team for a time of practical work in a mission field in Brazil or abroad. There, the emphasis is on applying the principles taught in the first three months, along with active participation in creative evangelism, training, discipleship, mercy, service, and communication.